Have you (or someone you care about) had an unsatisfactory health care experience in Massachusetts? Are you wondering who to talk to and what to say? If so, this website is for you.

HEALTH CARE FOR ALL created "The Assertive Patient" site to help people successfully navigate the customer service channels at Massachusetts hospitals. This site features information about the contacts and policies at each Massachusetts hospital, as well as general advice about addressing health care quality problems whenever - and wherever - they arise.

What You Will Find On This Website

Why Speak Up

Why it is important for you to speak up, how it may help you to have a better outcome, and how your action may have a lasting impact on health care quality for future patients.

How to Speak Up

Tips and advice from fellow patients about how to speak up - from having a dialogue with your caregivers to filing a formal complaint. This section also includes suggestions for writing an effective letter of complaint.

Other Places to Find Help

Agencies that investigate and enforce health care standards, and how to contact them.

Individuals Like You

Learn about support groups for people who experienced medical errors and about how to get involved in improving the patient experience at your hospital.

Information about Massachusetts hospitals | What is a Patient Advocate? | Writing Complaint Letters